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Goose Chase Cycles

BumbleBee Fender Mounted v3.2FM

BumbleBee Fender Mounted v3.2FM

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Bracket Finish

Enhance your ride with a cutting-edge LED Tail Light from Goose Chase Cycles, where innovation meets timeless elegance. Designed with precision for the modern rider, this tail light is a testament to our commitment to robust craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, made right here in the USA.

  • Key Features:

    • Exceptional Brightness: Engineered for outstanding visibility, the tail light casts a powerful beam to ensure safety and visibility, making every journey illuminated with brilliance. LED
    • Universal Mounting Options: Choose between the classic Fender Mount for seamless integration or the minimalist Hoop Mount for a sleek appearance, both designed to complement your bike's unique character.
    • Elegant Finish Options: Available in warm, timeless Brass or sleek, durable Stainless Steel. Select the finish that best enhances your ride's style as you chase freedom on the open road.
    • Seamless Installation: With a 13"-36" wire, connectors out of the box and everything else you'd need to go from bulbed to LED, the installation process is designed to be as seamless as possible for the end user.
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Goose Chase Cycles stands behind its products with a promise of a replacement within less than 3 business weeks.

    Founded in 2020, Goose Chase Cycles is driven by a dream to fuse the timeless style of classic bikes with cutting-edge manufacturing processes. We are committed to creating durable, aesthetically pleasing custom motorcycle parts that offer maximum affordability without compromising on quality. Choose the Cafe Racer Tail Light for a blend of functionality, style, and assurance on every journey. Embrace the road ahead with Goose Chase Cycles, where every detail counts in crafting the ultimate riding experience.

    "Chrome won't get you home, but it'll get you laid"-Ben Colbert (@moetallica)


    The wire is 13" out of the box and comes with JDM bullet style connectors.


    If unfortunately you should need to use this warranty, all you have to do is ship the damaged part back to us. Reach out to, and you will receive a replacement asap, forever. Straps and Housings are covered even from a crash. The bulb itself only has a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. We offer affordable replacement bulbs if you should you ever need it, and the box comes with a spare bulb.

    If you have a question or want to place a custom order please contact us.

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    Mounting Options

    Select the perfect mount for your Cafe Racer Tail Light: Fender Mount for a classic integration into your bike's existing lines, offering a seamless look and sturdy support. Or opt for the Hoop Mount, ideal for a minimalist and sleek appearance, ensuring your tail light stands out while providing reliable illumination. Both options are designed with the spirit of the cafe racer in mind, blending functionality with style to complement your bike's unique character.

    Finish Options

    Embrace the journey with our Cafe Racer Tail Light, available in Brass for warmth and timeless elegance, or Stainless Steel for sleek durability. This comparison invites you to select a finish that enhances your ride's style as you chase freedom on the open road.

    Illumination for Every Journey

    Illuminate your path with brilliance. Our Cafe Racer Tail Light is engineered for outstanding brightness, casting a powerful beam that ensures visibility and safety, even in the darkest conditions. Its intense illumination not only lights the way forward but also signals your presence to others on the road, merging top-notch functionality with an aesthetic appeal that catches the eye. Perfect for night rides and low-light environments, this tail light is your beacon of assurance in every journey.

    About Goose Chase

    Founded in 2020,

    Goose Chase Cycles was built on a dream that we would create the most robust custom motorcycle parts while using the most innovative manufacturing processes to achieve maximum affordability to our customers. We pride ourselves on being the most systematic and detail oriented craftsmen in the world. We fuse the timeless style of old bikes with the most modern manufacturing processes to create a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing, custom motorcycle product that was made in the USA. All of our parts are designed for the end user, you, who wants the most seamless installation for your bike.